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About London


London Document was Born in New Orleans. She’s been in gifted art since the Age of 5!

Always was creative and different, London's peers always knew her for destroying/ cutting her clothes (Always reconstructing Clothes ) . She decided to go in business in 2016 and create her own master pieces .. Which are items she creates in her head and bring to life . At a point in life, London felt as though she was distressed and damaged goods. But, through all that pain she endured, she decided to create something Beautiful out of it . London chose denim because denim is Timeless; Denim is Forever. She decided to Raise the Bar for Denim to create things with Denim no one ever has Seen or Yet heard before. So instead of living in Distress, she decided to make Distress beautiful and unique, allowing all her creativity to speak for her ... It’s all in the Documents!!

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